Monday, 8 November 2010

AEDM - Days 6 & 7

Just couldn't find the blogging time this weekend. Managed to squeeze in some creative stuff though.

Day 6 - working on Daisy Yellow's No Frills Prompt. I was trying to mix some colours to create a background for a future journal page. I've ended up with mud. :(
green mud

Still, always learning. eg. when you can't mix colours very successfully, don't have brown as your top colour!

I'll put it to one side for now, but I'll have to return to it and see if I can rescue it. That may seem impossible, but I started with mud before and ended up with the background to my banner and avatar. Well, I like them ;-)

Day 7 - back to surer ground, and a crochet beanie. Except, being me, I can't seem to repeat a pattern to save my life. I was trying to time a previous beanie, but spontaneously used a thicker yarn and different stitch.

crochet beanie in progress crochet beanie detail

My first version looked great, but I felt the fabric was too stiff, so I started again with a larger hook.

Cloche Beanie - almost finished

Version 2 worked much better, but seemed too loose, even though I'd reduced the number of increase rows. So, still in progress...

Thanks for reading :-)


  1. It's very pretty mud ;-) x

  2. Getting a hat to be just the right size can be really frustrating. It looks really good, though.

  3. Thanks :-) Pretty mud, eh? Lol.

    My hat making would be less frustrating if I could bring myself to write things down!

  4. The beanie is awesome! I could have used something like that today. It's chilly out!

  5. I'm a new follower...and a profuse crocheter. I'll be looking forward to seeing what's next here. And please come and check out my backyard blogspot sometime. :-)