Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hmmm...about that posting more regularly thing...

Warning - even longer post than last time!! Sorry ;-)

Well, let's face it. I can't be good at everything can I? ;-) It appears my huge-end-of-the-month-roundup is going to be traditional. (Did the same last year!)

This time I was hijacked by chores. Boo! Then my Mum came to stay and brought a list of christmas presents to commission from me, plus I was waiting for the yarn to make her a birthday scarf, plus I needed yarn for another commission.

So I ended up with a whole pile of crochet to finish, and not much time to do it. My fingers were on fire they were moving so fast :-)

I have another couple of commissions to do, and some little presents I want to make, but I've managed to fit in a bit of art time as well. Something NOT crochet - gasp!

Here we go - epic photo post...

more hats :
Small gold Beanie Medium Gold Beanie P1140199

scarves (two of the cream, and I need more 'cos they were so cosy):
AEDM #24 AEDM #25
AEDM #29b

Mittens - testing a design. Later frogged. They were very cosy and cute, but a bit too holey for fingers :-)

AEDM #20 - Mitten!

Hair accessories and suitable packaging:
AEDM #26 Crochet Flower headband
AEDM #27a

ATC or ACEO sized art - practicing watercolour:
AEDM #28a AEDM #28b AEDM #29a

And to finish, some game pieces from clay (in progress) and some cakes, including some today we ate before I could get a photo.
AEDM #27b AEDM #15

Phew! If anyone's still here, I hope to be back tomorrow, aliens and chores allowing!

Thanks for reading :-)


  1. Wowza! Your post is so full of beauty!! I love those mittens and the flowers and your pinecone... Great work!

  2. Fantastic work, I really like you hats!

  3. I like the cakey cakes - and we've done ATCs before, it was a lot of fun!

    I really need to commit to blogging our crafty stuff but I struggle to seperate what we do HE wise with what we do crafty wise...not the worst of dilemmas really!

  4. WOW! You've really been busy!! I love having my fingers on fire crocheting too, so...GREAT!! I love the hat colors too, by the way. I guess I don't have to end this comment by saying: "Stay busy!" LOL

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Mmmm...cakes indeed :-)

    @Kelly - I solve that problem by not really blogging at all ;-) Still waiting for that mind-to-blog miracle.

  6. Love seeing all the photos of what you've been up to!

  7. I am so impressed by people with such versatile talents - it all looks wonderful!