Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I was abducted by aliens...

Well, not really ;-)
That was a bit of a longer blogging break than I'd planned. Various excuses - ill children (again!), all 21 epsiodes of season 6 of House on DVD from the library (to watch in 6 evenings) and introducing my children to a wonderful PC game called Minecraft, which has reduced my PC time to zero.

I have been busy though - making hats. Hats, hats, hats. When it stops raining, and gets a bit lighter, I shall take a picture of all of them together.


A small version of the beanie (fits a child, but it was just for testing, so it no longer exists!), and the finished full-sized beanie.

Pink beanie in progress Pink & purple strands beanie in progress

Two tests for a hat commission - all pink, and pink, purple strands.

Pink and Purple Beanie Flower closeup

Finished pink beanie, which now has a pink flower layered on top of the purple flower.

Autumn Gold Beanie 2 Autumn Gold Beanie

A stretchy autumn gold variegated beanie, and a cloche style beanie in the same yarn. I managed to get a totally different colour by only using a certain stretch of the yarn. It now has a green edging (also from the same yarn)

AEDM #11a AEDM #11b AEDM #11c

As well as hats, I also had a go at some journal background pages.

More Korknisse

And a couple more Korknisse.

Thanks for reading this epic post - I shall try and post a little more regularly now :-)


  1. Well, I'm a new follower so it's regular already for me! ^_^ I love your hats! I'm a hat and flower crocheter too and I look forward to what else you'll be making in the future. :-)

  2. Thanks Debbie :-) Yay, to hat crocheters! We shall clothe the world in hats!

  3. Adore the beanie hats - and totally empathise with the blogging - mine is woefully neglected too! Jo

  4. Thanks Jo. We just need someone to invent direct mind-to-blog blogging, and then we're set ;-)

  5. Look like you got tons done while you were abducted, maybe we should all book that vacation! :)

    Great journal backgrounds, and those hats=AWESOME! Mostly though, I'm liking those little Korknisse dudes.

  6. I love the Korknisse! So cute!

    And I second the YAYs for hat crocheters! (Yours are lovely). Haven't made any lately, but I'm wearing one now.

    Posting every day for AEDM and visiting other peoples' posts is getting more and more difficult for me, but at least the creating is going well!

  7. You've been up to a lot!! So fun to see all your hats and those adorable Korknisse!