Thursday, 3 February 2011

January in review

Dear, oh dear - where does the time go? Well, Happy New Year everyone. Obviously I waited for Chinese New Year, just to be sure ;-)

Sadly, what knocked me back was catching flu with my two children about a week before Christmas, (it peaked on Christmas day, which was nice), and it dragged on for nearly two weeks. Following that I've found it really hard to recover my energy, and I keep being brought down by colds and sore throats. (Can you hear the violins?)

Anyway, this means I've barely touched a crochet hook in over 6 weeks! For most of that, it didn't even seem to engage my interest, but the ideas are starting to flow back. I just need to find the energy to find the time to put these ideas into motion.

Instead, what I found rising to the surface was a need to draw and paint - which I don't believe I can do. It seems this is the year to change that ;-)

Daisy Yellow is a wonderful artist blog I've been reading for a long time, and Tammy is constantly throwing out challenges, prompts and inspiration to help us start creating art.

This month there was the January Creative Experiments,

Backwards writing Mirror view of backwards writing

No Frills Prompts 8...
Green and Blue journal page Journal page

and No Frills Prompts 9,
Hand carved phone eraser stamp

and Design-a-doodle
Doodle Design 1 DSCN2002

Tammy also creates many beautiful Mandalas, which inspired this ATC.

Doodled Mandala on Watercolour

And the ACEOs on Folksy inspired me to attempt a couple of watercolour ATCs, the second in response to their latest ACEO challenge.
Primrose ATC in watercolour Lillies ATC

This post is far too long, so now I shall stop. Thanks for reading :-)


  1. Oh Sam, I'm so happy to see all of your experiments and interpretations of the prompts for January. LOVE the telephone stamp! And the doodles, they are addictive, are they not?

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I think you did fantastic on the mirror writing.
    I like everything you're showing here, especially the telephone stamp and the watercolours.

  3. First, let me say, no post is too long when it's good! :-) And this one?...GOOD! I loved the art. But don't let it completely replace your crocheting. {Spoken by "THE" crocheting Nut!! ^_^}

  4. look at those primroses they look as if they're really growing xx

  5. I think you did fantastic on the mirror writing.

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